Tournee, Gastspiel en


Required stage dimensions:   
width: 14,50 m
height:  4,30 m
depth:   8,20 m

Important: Differences in width and depth can be accepted, but a detailed plan or exact measurement of local stage must be presented to us in advance so that we can give our approval. Differences in height: the height has to be at least  4,30 m = 14’1’’.

The front of the marionette floor (towards the auditorium) is lined with beige-grey velvet in the local width of 8,70 m = 28’9’’ and the total height of 4,30 m = 14’1’’ by the Marionette Theatre. The additional lining (black) has to be provided by the local theatre. It is necessary that the stage and the auditorium can be completely obscured

Electrical requirements:    
Three-Phase (3 x 220 V), 63 Ampere

Detailed requests:
Detailed requirements will be sent to you upon request.

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