Le Dernier Jour de Pierre



Duration: 1 hour
Without language
For young people and adults

In the middle of winter, a man is travelling through the countryside. He's not carrying a travelling bag, but he doesn't look like a local either: It's Pierre. The snow is falling and he reaches a village. Is he looking for something? It seems as if he is only following what his journey brings him at that very moment ... In ten scenes, around 30 puppets tell Le Dernier Jour de Pierre (directed by Baptiste Zsilina and Léa Guillec). The contemplative scenes are repeatedly interrupted by supernatural and eerie episodes that take place in front of the stage.


Since its foundation in Avignon in 2017, the Compagnie DERAÏDENZ has been organising performances, parades, special events and workshops. The ensemble consists of around 20 members in the fields of acting and puppetry, technics, construction and music. A production is usually created entirely by the company itself – from the scenic concept and text to the musical composition and the creation of the puppets, costumes and stage sets.

Artist Talk: October 26 after the show


Sa,  26.10.2024 | 20:00
Theater im KunstQuartier Paris-Lodron-Straße 2a, Salzburg
Su,  27.10.2024 | 11:00
Theater im KunstQuartier Paris-Lodron-Straße 2a, Salzburg
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